A year of pandemic lab meetings comes to an end…

Thanks for a great, weird year, everybody! Well done on all of your projects!

Best of luck to our recent grads – sorry to see you go, Dory, Sherry, and Willis, but excited to see what your bright futures have in store.

Hope to see you on campus in person someday soon, Josh, Keevyn, and Simran (and Dory, too, technically, but as a graduate student in Dr. Michael Mack’s lab). Best of luck on finals!

When to be a fox? When to be a hedgehog?

I wrote a blog post for the Graduate Student Teaching Association of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (aka, “Division 2” of the American Psychological Association). I somehow convinced them that a review of David Epstein’s book, Range, which is neither about graduate school nor teaching, would be a great fit.

Are you a graduate student who wonders if your work will ever reach beyond the eyes of the small number of experts in your field? Or have you been told teaching is a waste of your time? Are you an undergraduate who is having a hard time determining a career path because too many things are interesting to you? You don’t have to be a hedgehog (someone who digs deep into one field), you can be a fox (someone with a wide range of skills and interests). Read more here:



Congrats to Kira and Priscilla for presenting their research at The Canadian Psychological Association National Convention in June. Well done!