Journal Articles

London-Nadeau K*, Chan P*, Wood S (2019) Building conceptions of cognitive enhancement: university students’ views on the effects of pharmacological cognitive enhancers. Substance Use & Misuse, DOI: 10.1080/10826084.2018.1552297 (*undergraduate researcher)

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Journal Articles In Preparation

Chan P*, London-Nadeau K*, Wood S (in prep) Study drug usage rates and attitudes among University of Toronto students. (*undergraduate researcher)

Conference Presentations

— Talks

Wood S. Integration of experiential learning in the curriculum redesign of an undergraduate laboratory course, The University of Toronto Teaching & Learning Symposium, Toronto, ON, April 2018.

Wood S. Undergraduate student leadership in scholarship of teaching and learning projects, The University of Waterloo Teaching & Learning Conference, Waterloo, ON, April 2018.

Wood S. When undergraduate researchers are necessary to answer the SoTL question: an undergraduate-led study on the use of study drugs on campus, The Symposium on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Banff, AB, November 2016.

Dukewich K & Wood S. Exploring the contextual variables and ethical ideologies that help inform decisions about everyday dilemmas in teaching, The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC, June 2015.

— Recent Posters

Braun EK, Duncan K, Girgis R, Wood S, Sharp M, van Geen C, Abi-Dargham A, Shohamy D. Dopaminergic modulation of associative memory in healthy humans, Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting, Boston, MA, March 2018.

Abela AR, Rahbarnia A*, Wood S, Lê AD, Fletcher PJ. Exposure to Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) during adolescence impairs acquisition of paired-associate learning in adulthood, The Society for Neuroscience, Washington, D.C., November 2017. (*undergraduate researcher)

Chan P*, London-Nadeau K*, Tong M*, Wood S. Study drug usage rates and attitudes among University of Toronto students, The Canadian Psychological Association National Convention, Toronto, ON, June 2017. (*undergraduate researcher)

London-Nadeau K*, Chan P*, Philipp-Muller N*, Wong M, Wood S. A qualitative outlook on university students’ attitudes toward the use of study drugs, The Canadian Psychological Association National Convention, Toronto, ON, June 2017. (*undergraduate researcher)

Wood S. Integration of high-impact learning practices in the curriculum redesign of an undergraduate laboratory course, The Society for Teaching Psychology’s Annual Conference on the Teaching of Psychology, Atlanta, GA, October 2016.

Schiralli J*, Wood S, Griffin M, Henderson J. Age and gender influences on substance use and reasons and motivations in treatment-seeking youth, University College Research and Practice Day, Toronto, ON, March 2016. (*undergraduate researcher)

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Book Chapters

Arzi A, Banerjee S, Cox JC, D’Souza D, De Brigard F, Doll BB, Fairley J, Fleming SM, Herholz SC, King DR, Libby LA, Myers JC, Neta M, Pitcher D, Power JD, Rass O, Ritchey M, Jubal ER, Royston A, Wagner DD, Wang W, Waring J, Williams J, Wood S (2014). The significance of cognitive neuroscience: Findings, applications, and challenges. In Michael S. Gazzaniga (Ed) The Cognitive Neurosciences, Fifth Edition. Boston: The MIT Press.