WoodLab consists of a small number of undergraduate Research Assistants, intensely curious and eager to learn about all things. We mostly investigate drug use among students, but other topics have been known to make their way into our group. Current members are:



Joseph Banning






Carmen Chan







Isabelle Grosdidier






Kadesha James



  • Noah Philipp-Muller

WoodLab is full and not currently recruiting. If you would like to put in an application and be notified when a spot opens, download the application here: (pdf) (Word)

Lab Alumni

  • Priscilla Chan (currently a graduate student in the Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto)
  • Kira London-Nadeau (currently a graduate student in the Department of Psychology, Université de Montréal)
  • Merlin Tong (currently a graduate student in Yorkville University)
  • Matthew Wong (currently an employee at University of Toronto)

This is actually a restaurant, not an interrogation dungeon. From left to right: Kira, Matthew, Merlin, Noah, Dr. Wood, & Priscilla